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Taking your creative work and learning how to make it your living

Business Essentials for Writers

and Small Publishers

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Seventeen modules to walk you through the publishing business

$199 and includes all future updates

  • Learn the fundamentals of publishing, and the current challenges in the business

  • Learn what a business is - and how using a business approach can help you leap forward

  • Who will you work with in publishing?

  • Effective business planning that will help you.

  • Navigating business cycles

  • Effective marketing for authors and publishers - what the gurus don't tell you

  • Sales! Sales! Sales!

  • Creating your brand

  • Effective sales and marketing plans

  • Who is your customer? Your reader? Your fan? Creating your avatars to improve sales - and your writing.

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  • Behind the scenes - technology and making operations work

  • Fulfillment and delivery to your customers

  • Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting

  • Basics of financial statements, and what you need to know.

  • Tying it all together - how the pieces work to build your business engine.

  • Plus downloadables and resources!

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Jumpstart your business and career in publishing

Based on the book Business Essentials for Writers, this workshop carries you through what a business is, how to apply business structure to writing and small publishing, and the tools to get you started!

Get the entire core courses - and future ones too!

Includes Business Essentials for Writers and Paths to Publication courses, plus all future core classes including Intellectual Property Fundamentals, Business Planning for Writers & Small Publishers, Marketing, and more!

Paths to Publication

Learn about publication options, working with agents, and how money works in publishing!

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